Mark prides himself on having the most up-to-date sound equipment available.

He keeps sound kits in Hong Kong & UK, allowing him to base himself in either country. He can also arrange camera equipment through reliable HK rental houses.

Recorders & Mixers
1 x Sound Devices 664 hard-disk recorder
1 x Sound Devices 744T hard-disk recorder
1 x Zoom H2n hard-disk recorder
1 x Zaxcom ZFR100 hard-disk recorder
1 x SQN 5s II portable stereo mixer
1 x SQN 4S series IV portable stereo mixer

2 x Audio Ltd A10 diversity wireless mics with built-in recorder
2 x Lectrosonics LM series wireless mic kits
1 x Sennheiser MKH 70 rifle mic with full Rycote
1 x Sennheiser MKH 418 stereo rifle mic with full Rycote
2 x Sennheiser MKH 416 rifle mics
1 x Sennheiser ME80 rifle mic
6 x Lectrosonics UHF diversity wireless mic kits
2 x Zaxcom TRX LA2.6 / QRX235 diversity wireless mics with built-in recorder
1 x Rode Videomic for DSLR
2 x Micronic Ear Hook mics
1 x Shure VP64 dynamic hand mic
1 x Telinga parabolic microphone
Electro-Voice RE50 & RE15 dynamic hand mics
Sanken COS II, Tram TR50 & Countryman lavaliere mics

2 x Comtek director's IFB system
2 x Ambient time-code links
5 x Ambient NanoLockit time-code generators
2 x Zaxcom ENG diversity wireless camera hops
2 x Motorola GP300 walkie-talkies
2 x Sony MDR 7506 Pro headphones
1 x Panamic mini boompole
1 x Panamic long boompole
1 x Boompole holder & grip head kit
1 x Portable voice-over booth
SWIT batteries & chargers