Mark has worked on assignments in more than 70 countries, on topics as diverse as Marco Polo, mummies and the Mekong.

Each project brings new challenges and adventures for a location sound recordist, from the history of the Kremlin to the secrets of China’s Terracotta Warriors.

World’s Busiest Cities - Hong Kong

Producer: Karolina Mottram

Dan Snow, Anita Rani and Ade Adepitan go behind the scenes to reveal the hidden systems and armies of people running one of the busiest Asian cities on earth.

The Greatest Tomb On Earth: Secrets Of Ancient China

Brook Lapping / BBC
Producer: Nic Young

Dan Snow, Dr Alice Roberts and Dr Albert Lin investigate a series of earth-shattering discoveries at the First Emperor’s mighty tomb guarded by the Terracotta Warriors.

John Torode’s Asia

Blink Film / UKTV
Producer: Sarah Dean

Chef John Torode goes on an incredible journey to track down the best food in Asia.

Sold! Inside The World’s Biggest Auction House

Matchlight / BBC
Producer: Michael Waldman

As Christie’s celebrates its 250th anniversary, this programme goes behind the scenes in London, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong, as experts and buyers set art trends, prices and records.
past credits list
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Trouble In Poundland
Crackit Productions North / ITV
Burma’s Secret Jungle War With Joe Simpson
Arrow Media / BBC
Chinese New Year 2016: The Biggest Celebration On Earth
Lion TV/ BBC
The Mekong River With Sue Perkins, Ep.2
Indus Films / BBC
Far Flung With Gary Mehigan: Korea & Hong Kong
Chefs Ink / TenPlay
World's Most Extreme Airports: Hong Kong
Arrow Media
Red Obsession
Lion Rock Films
Monty Halls And The Kaiser’s Gold
Tigress Productions / Five
The Culture Show: Cash In China's Attic
Robert Peston Goes Shopping: Addictione
Dateline: Nowhere To Hide
Where In The World: Malaysia
NBC News
Real Sports: South Korea Women Golfers
Rock Center: The Bomb Maker
NBC News
Greatest Cities Of The World With Griff Rhys Jones - Hong Kong
O Gymru Fach: Hong Kong
Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Hong Kong & Sichuan
Travel Channel
Empire Of The Seas - Sea Change
Ultimate Olympics
Granada Factual /Discovery Channel
China Power
Pia Getty Films
Seven Wonders of China
Takeaway My Takeaway
Prospect Pictures / Channel Four TV
Banda Aceh - Tsunami Update
NBC News
Ghost Fleet - The Epic Voyage of Zheng He
Saga Pictures / National Geographic TV
The History of Singapore
Lion TV / Discovery Channel
Scamto groundBREAKERS
Hong Kong: One Country, Two Systems
Aljazeera Channel
Poor Little Rich Girls
Granada TV
Primetime Live From Moscow
ABC News
The Scoop in Vietnam
Yorkshire TV
As It Happens Live From Moscow
Channel Four / Barraclough Carey
1997 Hong Kong Handover
Frontline Hong Kong
Channel Four / Clarke Television
Newsnight - Ivory Smuggling
Dateline NBC - Agent Orange
NBC News
Dateline NBC - MIA's
NBC News
Dateline NBC - Philippines Ferry Disaster
NBC News
Dateline NBC - No Gun Ri Massacre
NBC News
The Today Show in Vietnam - Agent Orange / MIA’s
NBC News
The Today Show in India
NBC News
Dragons of Crime
CBC / Stornaway Productions
The Late Show
Trouble At The Top
Primetime - Inside The KGB
ABC News
The Dragon’s Ascent
BBC / First Media
Chinatown UK
Granada TV
Home to one-fifth of the world's population, China is bursting into the 21st century. This special brings viewers stories that strike at the heart of the country and its people.

Lion TV / Discovery Channel
Producer: Cassian Harrison
A series of reports looking at how Indonesia's Banda Aceh province is dealing with reconstruction process, a year after it was struck by a tsunami.

NBC News (Betacam)
Producer: Charlie Ryan
Between 1405 and 1433, Mongolian Muslim Admiral Zheng He of China led seven epic voyages to more than 30 countries, including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania. But afterwards he and his Treasure Fleet were forgotten by China, and the world, for six hundred years. National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita sets sail to discover why.

Saga Pictures / National Geographic TV (S16mm, 90 mins)
Producer : Jonathan Finnigan
Home to one-fifth of the world's population, China is bursting into the 21st century. This special brings viewers stories that strike at the heart of the country and its people.

Lion TV / Discovery Channel (Hi-Definition)
Producer: Cassian Harrison
Produced to coincide with Singapore's 40th year of independence, The History of Singapore looks at the events, forces and people who have shaped this nation.

Lion TV / Discovery Channel (DigiBeta, 3 x 1 hr)
Producer: Tim Lambert
Live daily coverage of the 2005 Games for the top-rated US morning show.

NBC News (Betacam)
Three young South Africans travel to Hong Kong and experience what life's like growing up in the vibrant Asian city.

Producer : Carolyn Carew
Lovelife (DVC)
An in-depth look at Hong Kong seven years after China regained control over the territory. Is the "One Country, Two Systems" concept really working? In the worst building fire disaster in Hong Kong's history, hundreds of workers are trapped in the top floors of a 16-storey commercial tower; why were so many casualties found all together in one office on the 15th floor; why were they unable to escape?

Producer : Dima Khatib
Aljazeera Channel (DVC)
Obs-documentary about a wealthy teenager who swaps lives with a farmer's girl from the Isle of Man. An expeditionary team of scientists and divers reveal the Amazon's most deepest and darkest secrets. Presented by Mike de Gruy and Kate Humble.

Producer : Simon Kerfoot
Granada TV (DVC, 3 x 30 min)
Live outside broadcast from the Kremlin, with pre-recorded stories (1990 Emmy Award Winner)

Producer : Rick Kaplin
ABC News (Betacam, 2 hours)
Popular kids features show on location in Vietnam 1998 BAFTA Award Best Factual Children’s Programme

Producer: Colin Nobbs & John Stephens
Yorkshire TV (Betacam, 30 min)
Recording events live in Moscow on New Year’s Eve 1990 - 91 1991 RTS Best OB Award

Producer: Wendy Sturgess
Channel Four / Barraclough Carey (Betacam, 3 hours)
Stories surrounding the event, filmed over two weeks in June 1997

Producer: Michael Metcalf
1997 Hong Kong Handover GMTV (Betacam)
2-part special report on the 1997 Hong Kong Handover

Producer: Lucy Heatherington
BBC (Betacam, 2 x 1 hour)
Investigation into South China Sea piracy 2-part special report on the 1997 Hong Kong Handover

BBC (Betacam, 50 min)
Producer: Peter Godwin
Filmed in 1994, as the British Army prepared to withdraw from Hong Kong

Channel Four / Clarke Television (Betacam, 1 hour)
Producer: Tim Copestake
Investigation into the illegal ivory trade in Asia

BBC (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Producer: Meirion Jones
Background stories on life in Seoul, to accompany the first live broadcast from the DMZ

NBC (Betacam SP)
25 years after the Vietnam War ended, the effects of Agent Orange are still evident in remote villages

NBC News (Betacam,15 min)
Producer: Ned Colt
55,000 American lives were lost during the Vietnam War. Many more are still listed Missing In Action

NBC News (Betacam,15 min)
Producer: Ned Colt
Investigation into the sinking of a Philippines ferry

NBC News (Betacam, 15 min)
Producer: Tom Bernthal
Investigation into the Korean War incident

NBC News (Betacam, 15 min)
Producer: Mary Lockhart
Stories filmed during the 2000 Presidential visit

NBC News (Betacam, 2 x 15 min)
Producer: Mike Mosher
"Where In The World Is Matt Lauer" - stories from around India

NBC News (Betacam, 4 x 15 min)
Producer: Audrey Kolina
Investigation into Asian organized crime

CBC / Stornaway Productions (Betacam, 1 hour)
Producer: James Dubro
A look at the growth of satellite television in Asia

BBC (Betacam, 50 min)
Producer: Janice Sutherland
The rise and fall of Carbouchon mail order company

BBC (Betacam, 30 min)
Producer: Patricia Fearnley
For the first time, American cameras go behind the doors of the world’s most secret police

ABC News (Betacam, 1 hour)
Producer: Holly Peterson
The most complete series on the civilization of China

BBC / First Media (S16mm, 10 x 1 hours)
Producer: Francis Gerard
Documenting the lives of British-born Chinese in UK and HK

Granada TV (Betacam, 1 hour)
Producer: Nigel Bellis
As the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing's mission is to put on a spectacular, green and distinctively Chinese celebration. With China in the world's spotlight, the stakes couldnt be higher and the people of Beijing are going for gold.

Granada Factual /Discovery Channel
Producer: Maire Tracey / Ruth Swarbrick

Contemporary Chinese art is reaching out, crossing boundaries and searching for its position on the global stage. Rather than simply holding a mirror up to society, is it leading the way forward? This film takes a look at China's vibrant art scene, at a time when the world is looking to the east

Pia Getty Films
Producer: Pia Getty
This series celebrates the glory of Chinas great man-made treasures and reveals the genius of its great builders, engineers, designers and visionaries

Producer: Risa Okamoto
Every evening throughout the UK, teenagers have takeaways delivered to their homes. Yet how much do they really know about the countries and cultures where their food originates? Four teenagers travel to Hong Kong to find out how their favourite food is cooked.

Prospect Pictures / Channel Four TV
Producer : Ed Taylor
Steffan Rhodri travels to Hong Kong to discover an amazing amount of Welsh exports and meets the local people who import and use them.

Producer: Gruff Davies
Andrew Zimmern heads to the Far East to sample the weirdest and most exotic foods on offer.

Travel Channel
Producer: Patrick Jon Welland / Chris Marino
Dan Snow goes beyond the battle tactics to reveal the surprising history of the Royal Navy.

Producer: Rosie Schellenberg
Over a typical 24 hours in of Hong Kong, Griff finds the real heart of this energetic city and meets the people who live there.

Producer: Harry Hook
Richard Engel travels to Yemen, in search of al-Qaeda's master bomb-maker.

NBC News
Producer: Solly Granatstein
Bryant Gumbel visits Seoul to investigate the rise and dominance of South Korean women in the world of golf.

Producer: Nick Dolin
Amy Robach explores the food, culture and natural wonders of Malaysia.

NBC News
Producer: Karen Trosset
Kate Snow tells the story of two families who struggled to survive the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Kenya

NBC News
Producer: Mario Garcia
Top Shop owner Sir Philip Green opens his first Hong Kong store in spectacular fashion.

Producer: Adam Grimley
Andrew Graham-Dixon travels to Hong Kong to finds out about China's booming antiques trade.

Producer: John Mullen
Diver Monty Halls explores Namibia’s lakes, looking for a safe reputed to contain £60 million worth of gold.

Tigress Productions / Five
Producer: Simon Davies
A journey from West to East, exploring Chinese collector's insatiable demand for France's Bordeaux wine. (AACTA 2014 Best Feature Length Documentary).

Lion Rock Films
Producer: Warwick Davis
The story behind Hong Kong's infamous Kai Tak Airport runway approach.

Arrow Media
Producer: Sean McDonnell
Chef Gary Mehigan goes on a culinary road trip around Asia.

Chefs Ink / TenPlay
Producer: David Wallace
Sue Perkins travels to Cambodia on her 3,000-mile journey along South-East Asia’s greatest river.

Indus Films / BBC
Producer: Clare Dornan
Kate Humble, Ant Anstead and Jing Lusi travel across China and Hong Kong to witness the
preparations and festivities of this massive annual event

Lion TV/ BBC
Producer: Sarah Sarkhel
Mountaineer Joe Simpson travels to Burma to retrace his father’s footsteps who fought the Japanese army in WW2, in one of the toughest campaigns of the War.

Arrow Media / BBC
Producer: Alexis Girardet
Poundland buyer Clare Stevens heads to Hong Kong to check on her order of 1.2million units of reading glasses - one of the store’s top selling items.

Crackit Productions North / ITV
Producer: Joe Lister