Mark has spent the last 30 years filming in some of the most remote parts of the planet. 

From rainforests to deserts, mountains to oceans, his calibre of sound recording has remained exceptional, despite what the natural world throws at him.

Equator From The Air

BBC / Dragonfly
Producer: Anne Sommerfield

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan takes to the equatorial skies with experts racing to protect both wildlife and people.

Natural World - Red Ape: Saving The Orangutan

BBC / Offspring Films
Producer: Rowan Musgrave

Documentary following the work of International Animal Rescue as they fight to save Borneo's critically endangered orangutan from extinction.

Animals At Play

BBC / Offspring Films
Producer: Dan Perowne
Series revealing how play is at the heart of almost everything an animal learns to survive.

Natural World - Pangolins: The World's Most Wanted Animal

Producer: Victoria Bromley

Conservationist Maria Diekmann travels from Africa to Asia in an attempt to save the pangolin - the world's most illegally trafficked animal.
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One Strange Rock - Ep.3 Genesis
National Geographic / Nutopia
Animals With Cameras
Extreme Wives With Kate Humble
Wonders of the Moon
Springwatch Japan: Cherry Blossom Time
Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate Quest
Tigress Productions / BBC
Born In China
Brian Leith Productions / Disney Nature
Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family
Offspring Films / Sky
Forces of Nature: The Universe In A Snowflake
Tribes, Predators & Me
All Aboard! Reindeer Sleighride
The Garden Productions / BBC
EARTH A New Wild
Passion Planet / PBS
Kate Humble: Living With Nomads
Indus Films / BBC
Kate Humble: Into The Volcano
Wild Burma: Nature’s Lost Kingdom
Africa 2013: Countdown To The Rains
Tigress Productions / BBC
Rock Centre: The Panda Problem
Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell
The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World
Daily Planet
Discovery Channel Canada
Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice
Hunt For The Shadow Cat
National Geographic
Ocean Giants: Deep Thinkers
Lost Land of the Tiger
Lost Land of the Volcano
Nature Shock: The Whale That Blew Up In The Street
Life - Primates
Wild China
The British Museum
Ghost Cat
Smithsonian Networks
Expedition Borneo
BBC NHU / Discovery Channel
Image Impact
Ugly Animals
Image Impact
Perfect Disaster - Super Typhoon
Impossible Pictures / Discovery Channel
Blueprint for Disaster - Hong Kong Inferno
Temple Street Productions / Discovery
Amazon Abyss
BBC NHU / Discovery Channel
From Orphan to King
BBC Natural World / Tigress Productions
Channel Four / Pioneer Productions
SARS - Killer Bug
Channel Four / Pioneer Productions
Walking With Dinosaurs Special: Sea Monsters
BBC / Impossible Pictures
Darien - Disaster in Paradise
BBC Scotland (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Walking With Dinosaurs Special: The Giant Claw
BBC / Impossible Pictures
Walking With Dinosaurs Special: Land of Giants
BBC / Impossible Pictures
Discovery Channel / Image Impact
Discovery Channel / Image Impact
Science of Sport
National Geographic / Granada Media
Discovery Channel / Granada Wild
Discovery Channel / Granada Wild
Snake Hunter in North America
National Geographic TV / Zebra Films
Snake Hunter in Costa Rica
National Geographic TV / Zebra Films
The Octopus Hunter
BBC Animal People / Zebra Films
The Secret Life of Seahorses
The Vampire Hunter
United Productions
Nigel's Wild Wild World (DigiBeta)
ThinkFilm / Discovery Channel
Nigel's Wild Wild Sharkweek 2001 & 2002
Discovery Channel
Big Cats
Granada Wild / Discovery Channel
Sharkweek Uncaged
Discovery Channel
Creepy Crawlies
United Productions
United Productions
Wild Indonesia
BBC Natural World / Zebra Films
Animal Minds
BBC / Green Umbrella
Life In Eden
National Geographic / Night Owl Productions
Riddle of the Desert Mummies
Discovery Channel / Terra Nova
Earth Story - The Roof of the World / The Living Earth
BBC Science
Wild Indonesia
Tigress Productions / PBS
Survival Anglia
Wild Islands
Channel Four / Green Umbrella / North South Productions
The Ice Maiden
BBC Horizon
Tomorrow's World in Hong Kong
BBC Science
Kate Humble investigates the roles of women in 3 diverse communities – Kenya, Israel & India.
RTS West 2018 Best Documentary Award
Producer: Alexis Girardet
A scientific and cultural exploration of our celestial neighbour, featuring celebrations of Hong Kong's Mid Autumn Festival lunar holiday.
Producer: James van der Pool
Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and James Wong join the lively cherry blossom celebrations taking place across Japan each spring.
Producer: Rowan Crawford
BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner and explorer Benedict Allen embark on an epic journey to the forests of Papua New Guinea, to try and fulfil Frank's lifelong ambition of seeing Birds of Paradise.
Producer: Simon Davies
Stories following the first year in the life of the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, red-crowned crane and snow leopard.
Producer: Brian Leith Productions
Biologist Patrick Aryee travels to wild locations across the globe to reveal the amazing stories of how each of the world's primate species came to be.
Producer: Clare Dornan
Prof. Brian Cox investigates the stunning diversity of shapes in the natural world, and their link to rules governing the universe.
Producer: Matt Dyas
Gordon Buchanan travels to three remote tribes to learn the wildlife secrets of people who live alongside the iconic animals we fear the most.
Producer: Ted Oakes
A 2-hour Slow TV Christmas special, following a traditional reindeer sleigh on a magical journey across the frozen Arctic wilderness.
Producer: Luke Martin
Dr. M. Sanjayan takes viewers on a stunning visual journey to explore how humans are inextricably woven into every aspect of the planet’s natural systems.
Producer: Matt Dyas
Kate Humble spends time with the nomadic people of Nepal, Mongolia and Siberia, to experience their lives on the move.
Producer: Alexis Girardet
Kate Humble travels to Vanuatu and into the heart of one of the world's most active volcanoes.
Producer: Lucy Meadows
The story of a race against time to help preserve the untouched forests of Burma and its wildlife.
Producer: Susanna Handslip
Kate Humble and Simon King follow the animals living along Zambia's Luangwa River, from the last days of the longest dry season in memory to the arrival of the rains that will change everything.
Producer: Sarah Peat
Kate Snow investigates whether our obsession with pandas is really good for them and other endangered species.
Producer: Catherine Olian
The story surrounding the gruesome events of January 2004 when a dead sperm whale exploded in the middle of a Taiwan street.
Producer: Simon Kerfoot
David Attenborough looks at the extraordinary ends to which animals and plants go in order to survive. Featuring epic spectacles, amazing TV firsts and examples of new wildlife behaviour.
Producer: Patrick Morris
China is a vast country with an astonishingly diverse landscape. Through unprecedented access, this six-part series reveals the little-known natural treasures and secret wildlife havens of China's wildest regions.
Producer: Phil Chapman
A team of underwater filmmakers and scientists spent 5 weeks touring Micronesia in search of new species. Presented by Kate Humble and Mike de Gruy.
BBC (Hi-Definition, 3 x 1 hr)
Producer: Dale Templar
Hidden on the northern coast of South America, Guyana holds some of the most extraordinary jungle on Earth. A BBC team of wildlife filmmakers and scientists spent 5 weeks living in rain-forest capturing on HD the wonders of the natural world.
BBC (Hi-Definition, 3 x 1 hr)
Producer: Steve Greenwood
NOVA investigates an ancient Chinese fossil that leading scientists now believe to be the earliest evidence of a flower yet found on Earth.
PSB NOVA (Hi-Definition, 1 hr)
Producer : Doug Hamilton
A documentary series following a year in the life of The British Museum.
BBC (DV Cam, 10 x 30 mins)
Producer : Chris Rushton
An international team of conservationists from the Smithsonian and WildAid race to protect the world's last remaining clouded leopards before it's too late.
Smithsonian Networks (H0-Definition, 30 mins)
Producer : Toby Beach
A team of BBC natural history filmmakers and scientists venture deep into the heart of Borneo and explore one of the world's most remarkable rainforests.
BBC NHU / Discovery Channel (Hi-Definition, 5 x 30 mins)
Producer : Steve Greenwood
Zoologist Nigel Marven takes a look at the world's five species of rhinoceros, from the tiny Sumatran rhino to the giant African white rhino.
Image Impact (DigiBeta, 1 hr)
Producer: Nigel Marven
Nigel comes face-to-face with some of the world's most grotesque creatures, from proboscis monkeys to warthogs, and discovers that what we consider repulsive may be beneficial to that species' survival.
Producer: Nigel Marven
Ugly Animals Image Impact (DigiBeta, 1 hr)
Every year Hong Kong is hit by a series of tropical storms or typhoons. But what would happen if a super typhoon were to strike one of the most densely-populated cities on the planet. This drama-documentary takes a look at the science behind such a phenomenon.
Producer: Clive Maltby
Impossible Pictures / Discovery Channel (DigiBeta, 1 hr)
In the worst building fire disaster in Hong Kong's history, hundreds of workers are trapped in the top floors of a 16-storey commercial tower; why were so many casualties found all together in one office on the 15th floor; why were they unable to escape?
Producer : Roberto Verdecchia
Temple Street Productions / Discovery Channel (DigiBeta, 1 hr)
An expeditionary team of scientists and divers reveal the Amazon's most deepest and darkest secrets. Presented by Mike de Gruy and Kate Humble.
Producer : Andy Byatt
BBC NHU / Discovery Channel (Hi-Definition, 5 x 30 mins)
The remarkable story of how an orphaned 2-year old orangutan became king among the orangutans of Indonesia's Tanjung Puting National Park
Producer : Linda Bell
BBC Natural World / Tigress Productions (S16mm, 50 min)
August 27th 1883. Krakatoa erupts causing a tsunami with waves over 40 m high, killing more than 36,000 people. This is the story of that earth-shattering day.
Producer : Jeremy Hall
Channel Four / Pioneer Productions (Digi-Beta, 100 min)
A special report into the rapid spread of the disease which brought Hong Kong to a standstill in 2003.
2003 Grierson Award shortlist
Producers : Michael Beckham, Susannah Ward and Lara Acaster
Channel Four / Pioneer Productions (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Zoologist Nigel Marven dives the seven deadliest seas of all time.
2004 Emmy/RTS/BAFTA Awards, 2004 Wildscreen Award
Photo (right) courtesy of Impossible Pictures/BBC
Producers : Jasper James and Tim Haines
BBC / Impossible Pictures (35mm, 3 x 30 mins)
Archaeologist Dr Mark Horton leads an expedition to Panama to unearth a 300-year-old Scottish colony. A special report into the rapid spread of the disease which brought Hong Kong to a standstill in 2003.
BBC Scotland (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Producer : Andrew Thompson
Zoologist Nigel Marven travels back 75 million years, on a prehistoric safari in search of the legendary Therizinosaurus, one of the most bizarre creatures ever to walk the earth and owner of the largest claws of all time.
BBC / Impossible Pictures (35mm, 1 x 30 mins)
Producer : Tim Haines
Nigel Marven comes face to face with the biggest dinosaur that ever lived, Argentinosauraus, and the awesome predator Giganotosaurus in an exhilarating journey through time.
BAFTA Award - Best Visual Effects
Emmy Award - Outstanding Animated Programme
RTS Award - Best Digital Effects
BBC / Impossible Pictures (35mm, 1 x 30 mins)
Producer : Tim Haines
Nigel's quest to find a 30-foot long snake in South America.
Discovery Channel / Image Impact (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Producer : Nigel Marven
Nigel investigates whether these fish deserve their bloodthirsty reputation.
Discovery Channel / Image Impact (Digi-Beta, 1 hr)
Producer : Nigel Marven
This exciting series investigates how science and technology make the difference between winning and losing in some of the world's most popular sports.
National Geographic / Granada Media (Digi-Beta, 6 x 50 mins)
Producers : Simon Kerfoot and Sanjida O'Connell
Nigel gets up close and personal with Florida's famous residents.
Discovery Channel / Granada Wild (S16mm, 1 hr)
Producer : Nigel Marven
Nigel's mission to overcome his fear of rats.
Discovery Channel / Granada Wild (S16mm, 1 hr)
Producer : Simon Kerfoot and Nigel Marven
North America is home to a huge diversity of snake species. Snake Hunter Rom Whitaker travels from the bitter cold of central Canada to the blistering heat of Arizona to find them
2002 Wildscreen Panda Award - Best Presenter-led Documentary
National Geographic TV / Zebra Films (S16mm, 1 hr)
Producer : Richard Matthews
Over 130 different snake species call Costa Rica home—including some of the world's deadliest. Rom Whitaker goes on a search for bushmasters, coral snakes, and the deadly fer-de-lance
National Geographic TV / Zebra Films (S16mm, 1 hr)
Producer : Richard Matthews
The quest for the elusive Mimic Octopus
2000 Wildscreen Panda Award - Revelation
BBC Animal People / Zebra Films (S16mm,30 min)
Producer : Joe Kennedy
One woman's battle to save this enchanting animal from extinction 1996 Wildscreen Panda Award - Conservation
BBC QED (S16mm, 40 min)
Producer : Andrew Thompson
An in-depth look at bloodsuckers of the animal kingdom.
United Productions (S16mm, 1 hour)
Producer : Nigel Marven
Segments for Nigel's weekly Discovery show
ThinkFilm / Discovery Channel
Producer : Joe Becker
Filmed in South Africa, Nigel is back to host this year's popular series of shark stories from around the world
Discovery Channel (DigiBeta / S16mm)
Producer : Robert Anderson and Heather Roymans
The presenter gets up close and personal with world's five largest felines
Granada Wild / Discovery Channel (S16mm, 1hr)
Producer : Nigel Marven
Director: Simon Kerfoot
The annual week-long series, presented by Nigel Marven, takes a look at sharks around the world.
Discovery Channel (S16mm, Interstitials)
Producer : Harry Hanbury
The hunt for the world's largest invertebrates
United Productions (S16mm, 1 hour)
Producer : Nigel Marven
A global quest to discover the largest species of snake, bear, lizard, spider, bird and shark on earth.
United Productions (S16mm, 6 x 30 min)
Producer : Nigel Marven
The definitive natural history series of the Malay Archipelago
BBC Natural World / Zebra Films (S16mm, 3 x 50 min)
Producer : Richard Matthews
Three part series on animal intelligence
BBC / Green Umbrella (S16mm, 3 x 40 min)
Producer : Nigel Ashcroft
National Geographic / Night Owl Productions (S16mm, 1 hour)
Producer : Paula Grant
The life story of primatologist Biruté Galdikas
The remarkable discovery of a 4,000 year old mummy, in north-western China
Discovery Channel / Terra Nova (S16mm, 1 hour)
Producer : Steve Eder
Prof. Aubrey Manning unravels the mysteries of the Earth's evolution
BBC Science (S16mm, 50 min)
Producer : Cynthia Page
A 3-part series about Indonesia's incredible diversity of culture and natural history
Tigress Productions / PBS (S16mm, 3 x 50 min)
Producer : Andrew Jackson
The diversity of snake species around the world is examined
Survival Anglia (S16mm, 50 min)
Producer : Mike Linley
An investigation into the uniqueness of island habitats
Channel Four / Green Umbrella / North South Productions (S16mm, 3 x 50 min)
Producer : Nigel Ashcroft & Richard Keefe
A 3,500 year old mummy is discovered in the Altai region of Siberia
BBC Horizon (S16mm, 50 min)
Producer : Andrew Thompson
BBC's flagship science programme takes a look at the latest technology from the East
BBC Science (Betacam SP with S16mm inserts, 40 min)
Producer : Jasper James
Seahorseman is the fascinating, heartbreaking but ultimately hope-affirming story of the charismatic Irish marine biologist Kealan Doyle and his dogged attempt to save an extraordinary species from extinction.
RTE (Hi-Definition, 4 x 60 min)
Producer: Gillian Marsh
China's successful approach to restoring degraded land in the Loess Plateau is now providing hope for similar countries around the world.
BBC (Hi-Definition, 22 min)
Producer: Jeremy Bristow
A spate of hippo deaths in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park reveals that the animals were dying from anthrax. However, a second shocking discovery is that the anthrax was being spread amongst the hippos through cannibalisation.
Five (Hi-Definition RED, 60 min)
Producer: Luke Wiles
Raging Planet looks at different natural phenomena in order to elucidate the power of the planet. This programme investigates the ferocity of some of the most fearsome and splendid volcanoes around the world.
Discovery Channel (Hi-Definition, 50 min)
Producer: Susannah Ward
Scaling the dizzy heights of a 30m tree in the Thai rainforest, Bryony Maxwell helps set up a filming platform high above the ground for Life camerawoman Justine Evans, as she films gibbons swinging through the jungle canopy.
BBC (Hi-Definition, 30 min)
Producer: Vanessa Coates
An international team of scientists, cavers and wildlife filmmakers venture deep into the heart of the remote tropical island of New Guinea to explore a giant extinct volcano - Mount Bosavi.
Producer: Steve Greenwood
Documentary following a team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers as they embark upon a dramatic expedition searching for tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.
Producer: Jonny Keeling
A unique look into the world of whales and dolphins, uncovering secrets of their intimate lives as never seen before.
Producer: Anuschka Schofield
A team of wildlife experts travel to Belize and Brazil to catch, radio collar and track the least-studied big cat of the region - the female jaguar.
Producer: Luke Wiles
David Attenborough visits the Poles to investigate the effect rising temperatures will have on the planet.
Producer: Vanessa Berlowitz
Daily science magazine show checks out the latest technology and gadgets from Hong Kong.
Producer: Sean McShane
A team of scientists explore South and Central America to discover the unusual ways animals have adapted to a life in complete darkness.
Producer Jonny Keeling
The story of the body's battle against viral infection and the incredible methods used by the human cell system to protect us. (Photo courtesy of Intelligent Creatures)
Producer: Mike Davis
The extraordinary story of how and why life began on Earth, and what makes our planet unique from the other
Producer: Nick Jordan
Cameraman Gordon Buchanan works with scientists to put cameras onto animals, revealing unique footage and amazing discoveries about their lives.
Producer: Matt Andrews